Making the world a better place one bite at a time.

Our vision is to be more than just a burger restaurant. It’s a vision for offering authentic and sustainably prepared food that’s better for you and the environment. From fresh and flavorful food made of the highest quality ingredients to friendly and inviting restaurants built with sustainable materials, we strive to deliver an elevated experience that is OUTSIDE THE HERD.

  • Grass-Fed | Elevation Burger


    Why grass-fed beef?

    Grass-fed beef generally has less calories and saturated fat than conventional beef. Grass-fed beef also contains higher levels of beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids, a better balance of less beneficial Omega 6 fatty acids, and higher levels of CLAs (conjugated linoleic acids). Grass-fed beef also has a unique flavor that consumers love.

  • Better | Elevation Burger


    Meaningful Attributes

    We don’t try and fool you with meaningless marketing jargon about our meat. The terms we use – organic, 100% grass-fed, free-range, and no antibiotics ever – all have real meaning that impact animal welfare, environmental health, and your health.

  • Environment | Elevation Burger


    How do we care about the environment?

    Our restaurants are built using rapidly renewable materials, low and no VOC paints, grouts and glues, water reducing fixtures, energy star rated kitchen and HVAC equipment, and compact florescent lighting. In our operations we use FSC (Forest Steward Council) certified paper products, recycle back-house and front-house waste, including our used olive oil, which many of our locations donate for conversion into biofuel.

  • Free Range


    Why free-range?

    The free range cattle on our family farms graze for their whole lives on organic pasture that does not receive sprayed applications of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides. Pasture also does a better job absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) than the ground surface of feed lots and the cornfields that are grown for food for the feed lot cattle.

  • Organic | Elevation Burger


    Why organic?

    Organic is one of the very few food terms that the USDA certifies and enforces. Organic food and production operations must be audited annually and submit to further audits as deemed necessary by USDA accredited certifying organizations. Any deviations and instances of falsification of the National Organic Program (NOP) standards can result in significant fines. The robustness of the National Organic Program allows us to confidently serve our customers the meat that we promise.

  • People | Elevation Burger


    People who care do it better.

    Many of our restaurants are owned by local franchisees who actively chose to invest in a business that has strong values around the food it serves. If you spend any time at your neighborhood Elevation Burger you’ve probably met the owners and managers. People who care go the extra mile to ensure you get the highest quality food, the best service, and the cleanest facilities in the business.

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