Elevation Burger announces today its international partnership with food delivery service UberEATS. This partnership will now allow Elevation Burger to provide its 100% organic beef and chicken options as well as veggie and vegan offerings to even more guests across the world. Delivery has begun at more than a dozen Elevation Burger locations in cities where UberEATS currently services.

The food delivery app is currently offered in more than 50 cities globally. Customers have the ability to order any of Elevation Burger’s menu items and have an UberEATS driver deliver directly to their door.

“The ability to be able to put our food into the hands of Elevation Burger fans everywhere was incredibly appealing. It also gives us the opportunity to reach an even broader network of people who value the highest quality food. UberEATS is efficient, effective and innovative – three traits we at Elevation Burger work toward,” notes Salman Siddiqui, CEO, Elevation Burger. “Customer demand for delivery is only going to continue to grow. It benefits us as a business to go above and beyond to respond to that need.”

For more information about the UberEATS partnership, or to learn more about Elevation Burger’s menu, locations or franchising, visit http://www.elevationburger.com.

About Elevation Burger
Elevation Burger was originally conceived in 2002 by founder Hans Hess, who set out to create a healthier burger with a great taste on par with those he was accustomed to having on the West Coast. Hans determined that organic, grass-fed beef was the key to a burger that truly stands apart from the rest in terms of taste, quality and sustainability. The brand’s slogan, “Ingredients Matter™,” is a reflection of Elevation Burger’s focus on offering quality food products that make a difference both to guests and the environment. Elevation Burger is committed to offering an exceptionally flavorful, nutritionally superior product through ingredients such as 100 percent USDA-certified organic, grass-fed, free-range beef that is ground on premise and fresh-cut fries cooked in heart-healthy olive oil. For more information, visit Elevation Burger online at http://www.elevationburger.com, on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ElevationBurger, on Twitter @ElevationBurger or on Instagram @elevationburger.

Elevation Burger fits the trend of restaurants providing a specific type of “healthy” food, according to Patel. In this case, the 59-location chain has succeeded in crafting a burger made with organic, grass-feed beef that is just as tasty as the competition.

“If I’m going to eat a burger, I’m going to eat one… that’s 100% organic, with no antibiotics, no hormones,” Patel said. “If I’m the kind of person who not only wants to eat well, but also cares about how I’m affecting the world around me, it becomes a very easy choice for me.”